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By unbundling the traditional model of telecoms infrastructure VXFIBER enables local authorities to take charge of their digital destiny whilst future proofing their boroughs infrastructure for the benefit of its citizens and the local economy.

Real Estate

Our model provides Real Estate owners with an increase in marketability, an increase in rents, an increase in property value and direct revenue from fibre assets.


Investors benefit from a shared cost and operating structure. This means that every skill set meets in every part of the process, for secure long term investment.

Telecoms & Utilities

Using VXFIBER, communications providers benefit from a proven increase in customer satisfaction. Branded customer portal, providing ultimate choice for end users in real time. Our fully automated software based provisioning, results in quicker revenue growth.


VXFIBER is a Swedish technology company that invests, manages and operates true FTTH open access networks globally.

VXFIBER partners with local authorities, real estate owners, investors, land owners and communities when deploying networks and partners with service providers who are able to offer products and services direct to the subscriber via a self provisioning web based portal.


Full Fiber Open Access Model

The multilayer service model lays the groundwork for the creation of a pure open-access environment at the service level.

In such an environment, customers can switch providers without barriers instantly, try new services as they are developed, and enjoy greater transparency into the cost and quality of providers’ offerings. It also lowers the barriers to entry for new and local service providers allowing real competition to take place and rewards service providers that deliver better services at lower prices. In addition, there are no barriers to entry for any provider that wants to offer new, innovative services, thus accelerating innovation and economic development.

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Digital Master Planning

Digital Master Planning

VXFIBER has created a “Digital Masterplan” to assist Local Authorities in their plans for rolling out new high-speed broadband networks.  The VXFIBER Digital Masterplan consists of nine sequential stages for a local body to consider in its installation and rollout plans for a prospective full-fibre network.

Local government bodies are increasingly shaping their own “digital destiny” by investing in and rolling out their own fibre infrastructure. But instead of continuing to invest millions in hybrid copper / fibre technologies, which will only be suitable for a few more years, the UK should properly invest in full fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) Gigabit connectivity instead.

The VXFIBER Digital Masterplan is intended to help Local Authorities with their network planning process. It’s available to download as a PDF here:


Swedish Broadband Report

Swedish Broadband Report

The Swedish government recently released their strategy document for broadband provision. This document outlines their vision and determination to have Sweden completely connected by 2025. You can read the document in full by clicking the link below.



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