Our Stakeholders




Councils/Local Authorities have four quantifiable objectives – economic, social, environmental and efficiency. We can help them to meet these objectives by implementing an open access fibre network.

By unbundling the traditional model of telecoms infrastructure VXFIBER enables local authorities to take charge of their digital destiny whilst future proofing their boroughs’ infrastructure for the benefit of its citizens and the local economy.


VXFIBER’s open access operating model gives joint investors a secure long-term investment return.

Real Estate

Our model provides Real Estate owners with an increase in marketability, an increase in rents, an increase in property value and direct revenue from fibre assets.

Telecoms & Utilities

Using VXFIBER, communications providers benefit from a proven increase in customer satisfaction. Branded customer portal, providing ultimate choice for end users in real time. Our full automated software based provisioning, results in quicker revenue growth.

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